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An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness - Consilium
An international treaty on pandemics prevention and preparedness would enable countries around the world to be more resilient to future pandemics such as COVID-19..
Now SAGE warns Boris about next week's bonfire of the Covid rules | Daily Mail Online
Documents warned of a 'realistic possibility' that a variant could spawn that is just as lethal as other coronaviruses known to strike humans, such as MERS, which has a 35 per cent case fatality rate.
Sweden 'correct' to avoid full Covid-19 lockdown, report claims | Daily Mail Online
Sweden made the correct decision by avoiding a full Covid-19 lockdown and relying on their population's common sense, a commission into the handling of the virus has claimed.
‘Westerse experts waarschuwden in 2021 dat VS gevaarlijkste virus ooit in Oekraïne heeft ontwikkeld’ – Xandernieu...
‘Westerse experts waarschuwden in 2021 dat VS gevaarlijkste virus ooit in Oekraïne heeft ontwikkeld’ – Xandernieu...

"$6 Billion stolen" Clinton foundation protests continue to grow outside of Clinton's Florida HQ - Videos - VidMax.com
More than $10 billion was donated to rebuild Haiti after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, some of it to the Clinton Foundation, the charitable organization sponso...

"$2Mil EACH!" Hollywood Libtard, Anti-Trumper, Rosie O'Donnell, STUPIDLY Attempts to ILLEGALLY Bribe 2 US Congressman PU...
Rosie O'Donnell went on a tweetstorm Tuesday night, offering $2 million to any Republican senator who would vote against the GOP tax reform bill.


Democrats are STILL trying to hide Hillary and Bill Clinton sexual abuse victims from the Public - Videos - VidMax.com
A sexual abuse victim tells her story and let's us know why she's going to be voting Trump and not Crooked Hillary. Hillary Clinton does not care about the ...

Bill Whittle absolutely pummels Hillary Clinton with facts about her arrogance and her criminal history - Videos - VidM...
TRANSCRIPT: Hi everybody. I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall. The American experiment was many things, but first and foremost it was an attempt, ...

Darryl Hanah Shows You Her Amazing Ass- Videos - VidMax.com
Darryl Hanah (no, not the one from SPLASH and KILL BILL...she sure LOOKS like her though) is decked out in a tight blue bra and more importantly...a...

The Coronavirus Vaccine And The Mark of the beast - Videos - VidMax.com
Will the Coronavirus Vaccine Be The Mark of the beast? Are vaccines bad? If so why?

Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence And Why It Should Worry You - Videos - VidMax.com
Technology will be used to control the world very soon probably during this Coronavirus lockdown.

WTF! Microsoft's Bill Gates Suddenly Claims BitCoin's are "Causing Deaths in a Direct Way" - Videos - VidMax.com
Bill Gates, the philanthropist and former chief executive of Microsoft, is concerned by the crytocurrency craze, saying that the anonymity offered by the ne...

WAR CHEST: Liberal Terrorist Financier, George Soros, Moves $18 BILLION of his Cash to Fight Trump - Videos - VidMax.com
Billionaire investor George Soros has infused his nonprofit apparatus with $18 billion.

The Open Society Foundations will live on long after its ...

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion!! - Videos - VidMax.com
Microsoft has made its most ambitious move in years to reassert itself in a technology market it once dominated.

The software giant said Monday mor...

Man cheats death when electricity cables explode in ball of fire inches away from him with sparks flying everywhere - Vi...
A man cheated death when electricity cables exploded in a huge ball of fire right next to him with sparks flying everywhere.

Mana Reangsungnoen i...

Is He Serious? Obama Claims He's Had a Scandal Free Presidency! Not Sure of Delusional or Just a Liar - Videos - VidMax....
These are a detailed description of the 7 famous scandals of the Obama Administration..

1.The "Fast and Furious" operation under the Bureau of Al...

Is Bill Gates Losing his Mind? He Wants to TAX ROBOTS that Take Peoples Jobs, Despite Robots not Receiving a Salary - Vi...
If robots are taking people's jobs, then they should pay taxes too. That's at least according to billionaire Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft MSFT, +...

HE CAN'T BE SERIOUS? NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo Thinks Only Progressives Are Allowed in Heaven - Videos - VidMax.com
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D., N.Y.) on Wednesday touted his progressive record by saying God would find it more impressive than that of New York City Mayor Bill de...

FLASHBACK: Bill Gates Was a Strong Believer in BitCoin, Believed It Would Change the World - Videos - VidMax.com
Bill Gates himself once proclaimed to be the strongest believer in BitCoin, until he suddenly turned and claimed that it was actually causing deaths after t...

Billionaire, Top Dem Donor, Bill Gates, Bashes Pres. Trump in a Behind the Door Speech - Videos - VidMax.com
Bill Gates, the billionaire businessman and founder of Microsoft, mocked President Donald Trump at a talk before his foundation, claiming the president repe...

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